Environmental Works

SEDTEK Pty Ltd provides the complete solution to environmental management and control
issues through environmental works designed to meet mine site specifications.

We provide initial onsite consultation, design and implementation, through to project
completion. Some of our recent environmental works include erosion control, environmental
protection structures, rehabilitation and regeneration of wind breaks, ground covers and wildlife
habitat restoration.

Landscape and Quarry products

SEDTEK Pty Ltd can supply and deliver a range of landscape and quarry products to complete your project
such as; Sand – Soil – Gravel – Rock – Native Trees – Shrubs – Grasses

Building Services

Bulk and detailed excavation to the finest specifications. No job is too small for the
experienced team at SEDTEK Pty Ltd. We can undertake excavations for civil construction or
site preparation for your new home, shed or tennis court.”

Suppliers of Earthmoving Plant and Equipment

We offer fully serviced plant and equipment to suit the individual needs of the customer with an
experienced operator. We ensure the highest standards in operations and Work Health and
Safety systems to ensure the project is run smoothly and to the highest of safety standards.

Our broad range of equipment is well maintained and modern that ensure projects are
competed on time and on budget.

The range of equipment includes, but not limited to;
Bobcats // Tipper // Roller // Compactor // Dozer // Water-Cart // 5-35 tonne excavators

Phone: 0409 368 357

Email: contactus@sedtek.com.au

Postal Address: PO BOX 150, LITHGOW, NSW 2790